Best Transmission Fluid MT82

The MT-82 is a great transmission box to have. To keep working optimally, it needs the right gear oil change occasionally. Below is a list of top transmission fluids for your MT82 transmission.

The Getrag MT-82 transmission was first manufactured in 2011 to replace the Tremec 3650 on the Ford Mustang. It had some issues that the National Road Safety Administration had to open an investigation. It has undergone massive developments over the years since then. The MT-82 weighs 108 lbs and comes with a 375 lb-ft torque capacity and a 2.7qt fluid capacity.

It is found in Ford Mustang models of 2011-2017. To maintain this manual transmission, you need high-quality gear oil. In this article, we look at the top gear oils recommended by experts.

List of the Best MT-82 Transmission Fluid


Top features


Ford Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

Protects transmission from corrosion and wear

Has a long service life

It preserves the warranty

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Motorcraft XT11QDC Transmission Fluid

Great for Protection against corrosion

Protects against friction

Offers smooth shifting

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Royal Purple Transmission Fluid

Gives protection of a high level

Gives a remarkably smooth performance

Good fuel economy

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AMSOIL Full Synthetic Severe Gear Lube 75W-90

Reduces friction

Maintains viscosity

Great smooth performance

Good for severe service conditions

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BG Synchro Shift 2

Provides thermal stability

Has a low-temperature fluidity

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Ford Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

A blend of performance additives and synthetic base oils, the Ford Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid has a quite low viscosity to help boost fuel economy and ease of shifting even in cold weather conditions. This fluid is designed to help in smoothly operating your transmission’s shift mechanisms.

This fluid is aimed at protecting your transmission from corrosion, and wear and tear as well as improving the shifting capabilities at all temperature levels. To achieve this, it allows for uninterrupted and extremely smooth shifting and therefore maintaining performance. With this fluid, you can drive up to 150, 000 miles without the need for a change.


  • Reduces transmission corrosion, and wear and tear
  • Improves shifting despite the temperatures
  • Lasts for many miles
  • Offers warranty preservation
  • Good for fuel efficiency


  • Quite costly

Motorcraft XT11QDC Transmission Fluid

This is a reputable product from the Motorcraft brand and should take you for at least 100, 000 miles before you do a transmission fluid change. The Motorcraft XT11QDC Transmission Fluid is designed to allow for exceptionally smooth shifting and long term transmission protection by preventing friction that brings about wear and tear.

It is also an ideal product when you’re looking to offer your car protection against corrosion and rusting. The Motorcraft XT11QDC Transmission Fluid has a very low viscosity designed to help better fuel economy and your car’s transmission working in cool climatic conditions.


  • Reduces friction
  • Better fuel economy
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Lasts for many miles
  • Great smooth shifting


  • Poor performance in high temperatures

Royal Purple Synchromax Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Another top transmission fluid brand is Royal Purple, a household name and a trusted brand. The Royal Purple Transmission Fluid is a high-performance fluid for your MT-82 and is specially made for lower temperatures allowing your transmission to operate with ease. 

It prevents heat-related damage to your transmission by reducing the temperatures. The Royal Purple Transmission Fluid ensures that your MT-82 transmission’s gear shifting is immensely smooth as it provides the maximum amount of lubrication and also offers protection against corrosion and wear and tear due to friction.


  • Good fuel economy
  • Performance is high
  • Works well in cold temperatures
  • Protects against corrosion and wear
  • Gives a smooth shifting

AMSOIL Full Synthetic Severe Gear Lube 75W-90

The 75W-90 AMSOIL gear lube protects your transmission from elevated heat conditions when you’re out there doing heavy hauling and towing. Its formulation is specifically meant to maintain viscosity and reduce friction in severe service conditions beyond the conventional fluids. It protects your MT-82 from wear by providing a thick lubricating film that contains extreme pressure additives and it also resists oxidation and thermal degradation in high temperatures. It contains seal conditioners for leak reduction.


  • Heat protection
  • Prevents wear
  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces leaks


  • Poor on high-mileage cars
  • Poor in cold conditions

BG Synchro Shift 2

In 2017, BG produced the BG Synchro Shift 2 compatible with the MT-82 transmission. This fluid is a full synthetic and has a viscosity rating of 75W-40. This fluid maintains its fluidity in low temperatures and protects against wear using its unmatched film strength. BG Synchro Shift 2 is compatible with all vehicles that use engine oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids (Fluids) and other OEMs. It meets your Ford WSS–M2C200-D2 specification. The shifting across gears is smoother and quicker and you don’t need to apply a lot of shifting effort. 


  • Exceptional thermal stability

Buying Guide for the Best Transmission Fluid MT82

Before settling on a transmission fluid for your car’s MT-82 manual transmission, you should consider some factors. These factors will help you pick the best transmission fluid for your car.


Compatibility is a very important thing to consider when you go shopping for transmission fluid. Some fluids can be used on very many vehicles making them excellent at compatibility. This can be helpful when you own more than one car as it can help you save on costs.

You need to ensure that your car’s transmission is compatible with the fluid to prevent any damages. Most brands claim their products work with the MT-82, however, these products may not match your Ford specifications. On transmission fluid bottles, you’ll see different codes like QS and QDC.

The QS matches the Ford WSD-M2C200-C specification and QDC is compatible with Ford WSS–M2C200-D2. In 2012, Ford changed to QDC for the MT-82. Check your Ford Mustang’s owner/service manual or go to Ford’s website if you don’t have the manual.

Knowing what works with your MT-82 transmission helps you get the best out of not only your transmission but also your car.

Protective additives

The best transmission fluids in the market contain additives to protect your manual transmission by preventing corrosion, reduce foaming, and prevent rust and even wear and tear with the help of oxidation. Your car may require a fluid change after a long time making the transmission fluid to break down when it stays in your transmission for long.

There will be a change in viscosity and fluid composition that might make your transmission fail. Choosing the right transmission product with the required protective additives will give your transmission the much-needed protection guaranteeing your MT-82 transmission a longer lifespan. Consult with your mechanic to ensure you get the right product for your transmission. 

Synthetic or conventional

This is another important factor to put into consideration when selecting a transmission fluid. Generally, synthetic fluid offers better performance because it retains its viscosity longer and doesn’t need frequent changing, making it more expensive than conventional fluid.

It’s durable in higher temperatures and can also be used for different purposes. Consider your car model too; if your car is an older model, then a conventional fluid is ideal especially if you’ve never tried systematic fluid.


Ensure that your MT-82 transmission is serviced by quality transmission fluid. Don’t buy a transmission fluid just because it’s cheaper, you may end up losing more in the long run in the name of repairs because your transmission is damaged. Get a product that suits your car’s transmission best and within your budget.

How to Change the Fluid on your MT-82 Transmission

To change the fluid, use a jack stand to raise your car and look for your drain usually labeled DRAIN. Locate the fill plug on the passenger side on the left side of the transmission.

Place a drain pan under the drain plug and loosen both the drain plug and fill plug and let the fluid drain completely. Put the durian plug back and make sure you close it tightly to prevent any leakages.

Connect a clear hose pipe to your fill hole on one end and the other to the transmission fluid bottle that you want to change. Pump the fluid up to around 3 quarts using a hand pump and plug back the fill plug.


When should I check my transmission fluid level?

You should check it regularly between service intervals to avoid your car from running low on fluid and damaging your transmission.

Can I use automatic transmission fluid in my car?

It depends. Check your service manual and find out what transmission fluid does your transmission use.


Always ensure you pick the transmission fluid that checks all your boxes now that you have information about the best fluids for your MT-82 transmission. You should also take into consideration Ford’s recommendations because they know what works best on your Ford Mustang. The Ford Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid is my top pick from this awesome list because it offers your MT-82 transmission and its components the best protection and guarantees you smooth shifting at all temperature levels.


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