Best Oil For Nissan Titan 2023

When most people think of Nissan, the first thing that comes to mind is the small sedans and economy cars that the brand is so famous for. However, Nissan has also developed an incredible reputation for producing high-quality pickup trucks as well! 

Nissan Titan has been manufactured and produced in America since 2003 and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, the latest model (the 2nd generation, which was first produced in 2016) has dramatically increased the popularity of the brand. 

When compared to other similar pickups in the same class, such as the Dodge Ram 1500, Chevy Silverado 1500, Toyota Tundra, and Ford F-150, the Nissan Titan matches or outperforms all of its competitors. From average base horsepower to towing capacity, safety features, comfort, and cab space, the Titan has many other 1.5-ton trucks beat. 

One factor contributing to the Nissan Titan dominating the market is its longevity and relatively low number of problems (just like Nissan’s smaller sedans). As a result, Nissan Titans not only outperform but can also out-last many of its competitors when it comes to racking up miles on the odometer. 

If you want to ensure that your Titan stands the test of time, retains its value, and will continue serving you well in the coming years, then the best thing that you can do is ensure that it’s always lubricated with the best oil on the market. In today’s post, we’re going to show you some of the top-rated oils for your Nissan Titan, from high-quality full synthetics all the way down to high-mileage synthetic blends made for older Titans. Let’s take a look! 

List of the Best Oil For a Nissan Titan

If you look at the history of Nissan Titan’s development in the United States, then you’ll realize that the brand has been somewhat slow to change. In fact, from 2003 through 2015, the truck barely changed in size and appearance. In 2016, the 2nd generation Titan rocked the world with its completely revamped body and increased horsepower. 

All Nissan Titans (with the exception of the limited production 5.0 Cummins turbo diesel engine) feature a 5.6-Liter V8 engine. While the engine block size has stayed the same, Nissan has constantly improved upon its engine design, allowing its modern V8s to produce significantly higher horsepower than the older pre-2010 Titans. 

With each tweak and performance improvement that the brand added to the Titan’s engine, there was also a need for a different type of engine oil. Below, we’ll give you a brief overview of the best oil for Nissan Titan trucks and explain which model year the type of oil is best for!  

Castrol 03081 Edge 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you own a Nissan Titan XD with the turbocharged Cummins diesel engine, then you’ll need to use an oil with a viscosity of 10W-30. The thicker oil is designed to withstand the higher temperature generated by these engines and maintain the steady pressure required for steady fuel burn. 

Castrol Edge full synthetic features added titanium molecules to improve the performance of the oil and ensure that the oil is able to withstand high temperatures. By using this oil to lubricate your Cummins diesel, you should easily be able to go 8,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. 


  • Titanium molecules keep your engine strong. 
  • Thicker 10W-30 oil maintains pressure in Cummins diesel engines. 
  • Best for Nissan Titan XD diesel models. 


  • Too thick for gas-powered Nissan Titans. 

Castrol 03060 GTX MAGNATEC 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you drive a newer model (2016 to present) Nissan Titan, then Castrol GTX Magnatec 0W-20 is easily the best full synthetic oil that money can buy. What makes Castrol Magnatec so special is that it contains magnetized molecules that bond to your engine’s cylinders. 

Usually, while your vehicle is resting or parked, all of the oil drains into the pan, leaving crucial engine parts exposed. Castrol Magnatec oil sticks to the inner cylinders, forming a light but powerful coating that protects your engine when it’s most vulnerable. 


  • Patented Magnatec technology coats engine parts even while the car is parked. 
  • Full synthetic oil allows you to go longer between oil changes than conventional oil. 
  • Designed to be used with newer model Nissan Titans (2016 to present). 


  • Not recommended for use on Titan XD diesel models or older model (pre-2016) Titans. 

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil

Valvoline has always had a reputation for engineering high-quality lubricants for all different types of vehicles. Their Advanced full synthetic motor oil is specially designed to increase fuel economy and provide extended protection from wear and tear. This is the best oil if you drive a gas-powered Nissan Titan manufactured prior to 2016. 

One really nice feature you’ll notice if you buy the 5-quart jug is that it has an angled pour spout which helps you pour the oil cleaner and results in less waste and spillage. 


  • Best for Titans manufactured prior to 2016. 
  • Improved performance and protection compared to conventional motor oil. 
  • Easy to use pour spout on 5-quart jugs. 


  • Not recommended for use in newer model (2016 – present) Titans. 

Genuine Nissan 0W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

If you’re somebody who likes to keep things simple and sweet, then you may opt to purchase Nissan’s synthetic blend motor oil. This oil is used in all of the manufacturer’s new Titans and is the same oil you’ll get if you get a dealership oil change. 

The only disadvantage to this oil is that it’s a synthetic blend. While it does contain added compounds to provide added engine protection, it will need to be changed more frequently than a full synthetic like the Castrol or Valvoline discussed above. 


  • Designed by Nissan for Nissans. 
  • Added compounds for engine protection. 


  • Needs to be changed more frequently. 

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Valvoline’s patented MaxLife technology is specifically designed for older, high-mileage engines. It contains added elements that help to provide extra lubrication on engine parts while the motor is idle, as well as compounds to help strengthen engine seals and clean the pistons. As a 5W-30, this oil is best suited for older model Titans (pre-2016) that have at least 75,000 miles or more. 


  • Designed to strengthen and protect older high-mileage engines. 
  • Helps to prevent leaks by fortifying seals. 
  • Contains detergents to clean pistons. 


  • As a synthetic blend, it will need to be replaced more frequently. 

Buyer’s Guide and F.A.Q For Nissan Titan

Now that you’ve had a chance to see the best oils for your Nissan Titan, we figured that it’d be a good idea to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding oil, oil changes, and oil types required for Titans. After all, depending on which model year or engine of the Titan you have, you may need different types of oil. We’ll also discuss what type of oil Nissan officially recommends for Titans. 

Nissan Titan Oil Type By Model Year

As we mentioned, the Nissan Titan’s engine hasn’t changed much over the past 18 years. In fact, Nissan is still using the same sized 5.6-Liter V8 engines on the new 2021 models as they used in their first 2003 models. The only difference is the way that the engine was tuned. The modern engines are designed to produce slightly higher RPMs and generate greater horsepower, which requires a more modern oil than the older model Titans. 

The best way to be sure about what type of oil your Titan needs is to consult your owner’s manual. In the front section of the booklet, it should tell you exactly what type of oil is recommended for your particular vehicle. 

Generally speaking, though, your Nissan will require one of the following oils, depending on the model year:

  • 2003 – 2015 Nissan Titan: 5W-30 (or 10W-30 for higher-mileage or older Titans). 
  • 2016 – present Nissan Titan: 0W-20.

Since Nissan designed the newer engines to be more fuel-efficient, more fine-tuned, and produce greater amounts of horsepower, they require a motor oil that isn’t quite as dense. OW-20 motor oil flows smoother than 5W-30 oil, which means that the pistons encounter less resistance and are able to send more power to the drivetrain. This, in turn, increases power and decreases excessive fuel burn. 

What Type Of Oil For Nissan Titan 5.0 Cummins Turbo Diesel (ISV Engine)? 

For a short period, Nissan partnered with Cummins and placed a super-powerful 5.0-Liter turbocharged diesel in the Titan XD models. These trucks are absolute workhorses and produce significantly more power and torque than the standard 5.6-Liter V8s despite slightly smaller displacement. 

If you happen to have one of these Cummins-endowed Titans, then you’ll need to use 10W-30 heavy duty-rated motor oil. 10W-30 oil is significantly thicker than the usual 0W-20 that’s required for the other newer model Titans. However, the additional thickness and greater viscosity are necessary to ensure that the engine is properly protected from the higher temperatures generated by the turbocharger. 

Does Nissan Recommend Full Synthetic Motor Oil? 

It’s worth noting that Nissan doesn’t recommend any particular brand. If you want to be extra sure, then you can, of course, purchase the Nissan brand motor oil. However, this is just a white-label synthetic blend oil brand produced by Exxon Mobil. It isn’t much different than any other synthetic blends on the market. As long as the oil has the same viscosity and adheres to API standards (The American Petroleum Institute), then it should be safe to use in your Nissan Titan. 

As far as the type of oil that Nissan recommends, the manufacturer officially recommends using a synthetic blend. This semi-synthetic lubricant uses a crude oil base with added synthetic compounds for extra engine protection and cleaning. If you purchase Nissan brand oil, then you will be buying a synthetic blend and if you purchase a brand-new Nissan off the lot or from the assembly line, then it will contain a synthetic blend. 

That being said, most experts agree that it’s almost always better to use a full synthetic oil. Full synthetic oils, while more costly, do a better job at protecting your engine from excessive wear and tear. Additionally, they break down slower, which means that you can go longer between oil changes (sometimes up to 10,000 miles between oil changes)!

Can I Mix Different Oil Viscosity In My Nissan Titan? 

Whenever possible, you should always try to stick to the same oil viscosity. That being said, sometimes, you may find it hard to find the specific oil that you’re looking for. This is especially true during long road trips when you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere with low oil from a long day’s drive. 

If you are unable to find the correct viscosity, then you can mix different oil viscosities. It’s always better to have a lubricated engine than to have an under-lubricated engine, regardless of the oil type. However, if you do end up having to mix oil types during your journey, make sure that you complete a full oil change upon returning home to ensure that no lasting problems arise. 

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Nissan Titan

Nissan typically recommends that you change the oil in your Nissan Titan every 5,000 miles. However, this is assuming that you’re using Nissan’s synthetic blend. On the other hand, if your engine is using a full synthetic, then you can push your oil change intervals between 8,000 and 10,000 miles. This is because full synthetic lubricants maintain their integrity for longer periods of time and aren’t as prone to breaking down. 

What Is The Nissan Titan’s Oil Capacity? 

Thankfully, there’s not a lot of guesswork for this part. Since all Nissan Titan engines have the same displacement of 5.6 Liters, this means that they all require the same amount of oil. This means that all V8 Nissan Titans require 6.87 quarts of oil to completely fill

Of course, once you account for the fact that some of the oil will remain within the cylinders even after you remove the filter and drain the oil, the actual amount may be somewhat closer to 6 quarts. That being said, it’s always better to buy more oil and have extra oil leftover than it is to not buy enough oil. 

The only exceptions to this rule are the 5.0-Liter Cummins diesel-powered Titans. Since these engines generate massive amounts of torque and power, they require additional oil to keep the cylinders lubricated. If you have a Nissan Titan XD with a 5.0 Cummins, then you’ll need 10 quarts of oil to complete your oil change. 



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