Best Oil for Infiniti G35

The Infiniti G35 is a luxury car that was popular from around 2002 to 2008. Today, many people seem to have it and enjoy. Take a look as we review some of the best motor oils for this powerful Nissan engine.

In the early thousands, Nissan decided to design a luxury car that would compete with Mercedes Benz and BMWs. However, it was considerably cheaper which highly contributed to its popularity. On top of this, it packed an engine that was much more durable than its German counterparts. However, proper oil maintenance is essential for durability especially since most of them are now high mileage cars.

The Infiniti G35 is equipped with a V6 engine commonly referred to as VQ. There are different variations ranging from 2.0 L to 4.0 liter engines. The following table highlights the best oils for this engine.

List of the Best Oil for Infiniti G35


Top features


Castrol EDGE 5W 30 Advanced Synthetic Oil

Improved fuel economy

Wear and tear protection

Best rated choice

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Castrol GTX High Mileage 5W 30 Synthetic Oil

Reduces friction

Ford Approved

Thin viscosity

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Mobil 1 5W 30 ESP Synthetic Oil

Acts as a seal lubricant

Minimal burn off issues

Great for high mileage vehicles

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Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W 30

Improved fuel economy

Wear and tear protection

Great for extreme temperatures

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Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 5W 30 Oil

Wear and tear protection

Better fuel efficiency

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Castrol EDGE 5W 30 Advanced Synthetic Oil

The Castrol Edge is the approved motor oil for the Infiniti G35 engine. It is a premium fully synthetic 5W 30 oil that offers the best performance possible. With a low viscosity rating, the oil flows well in extremely cold weather and remains cool in very hot weather. Furthermore, it is a very versatile oil that can be used in other luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and BMW. It can also be used with highly tuned four cylinder engines providing them with the necessary power they need. The oil also provides high shear protection. It is important to note that Castrol Edge is formulated for diesel engines.

This oil boasts a unique feature known as Fluid Titanium Technology that reduces metal to metal contact in moving parts of the engine. This in turn minimizes friction, wear and tear, and thus improving engine durability. As a nice extra feature, the bottle comes with nice designed spout that reduces waste when pouring. Overall, this is considered the best engine oil by Infiniti G35 owners


  • Suitable for high mileage engines of between 75000 and 150000 miles
  • It meets the API SN/CF standards
  • Titanium Technology that reduces friction
  • Best full synthetic oil in the market
  • Great for highly tuned four cylinder engines
  • Approved and recommended for Infiniti G35


  • Premium priced

Castrol GTX High Mileage 5W 30 Synthetic Oil

Our second pick is also a Castrol motor oil. It is perhaps the most popular Castrol oil due to its versatility and use in many vehicles and even boats. Like the Edge, the GTX is also formulated for diesel engines. Moreover, the GTX is a synthetic oil that has been designed to increase your engine’s lifespan by eliminating the sludge that accumulates over time. To protect your emission system, it completely burns off.

The GTX is manufactured with less phosphorus than other motor oils. This is replaced by patented Titanium technology that protects the catalytic converter. The Castrol GTX is also a high mileage oil recommended for engines with over 75000 miles on them. As a 5W-30 oil, it performs great during both winter and summer. This fluid is highly recommended for the VQ engine in the Infiniti G35


  • Great for high mileage
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Contains additives that prevent wear and tear
  • Eliminates sludge that builds up over time


  • Not fully synthetic
  • Does not improve engine power

Mobil 1 5W-30 ESP Synthetic Motor Oil

When NASCAR uses an oil as their official motor oil, you cannot go wrong with it. The Mobil 1 ESP oil is and advanced oil designed to provide strong cleaning power as well as wear and tear protection. This keeps the engine working like new. Furthermore, it is a 5W-30 oil meaning it is suitable for both very low and high temperatures. Additionally, the Mobil 1 ESP can be used in both diesel and petrol engines. Like the Castrol GTX, this also uses low amounts of phosphorus.

Many Infiniti G35 owners recommend this for vehicles with about 50000 miles on them. It works smoothly while cleaning pistons in engine. When bought, the product comes in a either a 1 liter bottle or a pack of six of the same quantity.


  • Low in Sulphur and phosphorus
  • Contains cleaning agents that eliminate sludge
  • Prevents friction in moving parts of the engine
  • Official oil for NASCAR
  • Quite affordable


  • Does not burn off completely

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil is known for its use of natural gas rather than crude oil during manufacture. With PurePlus technology, the engine is totally protected against wear and tear. The Pennzoil Ultra is a 5W-30 motor oil that works in both hot and cold environments. This also means it suitable for your Infiniti g35 engine. Furthermore, it contains cleaning agents that constantly work to clean the pistons of dirt and rust. These agents also eliminate sludge to keep the car functioning at high efficiency. But perhaps the best feature of this oil, is the improved fuel efficiency. It provides an extra 550 miles every year saving you a decent amount of gas money. The oil is ideal for highly tuned turbo charged and the Infiniti G35 engine.


  • It is made for high performance engines
  • Great wear and tear protection
  • Enhances engine durability
  • Protects engine horsepower against deteriorating
  • Protects against oxidation and overheating


  • Does not act as a seal conditioner
  • Not the best in extremely cold environments

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil

Valvoline Synthetic motor oil is a household name in the oil industry. They are known to provide high quality synthetic oils that ensure engine longevity. This particular oil is designed to withstand very low and high temperatures without the oil freezing or burning. In fact, when tested, it retained the same texture through the temperature changes. Furthermore, it acts a lubricant in the engine’s moving parts. This way, wear and tear is reduced as keeping your engine is good health for long.

Another reason the Valvoline Advanced is recommended is its cleaning properties. By cleaning the pistons, the engine continues to run smoothly. The oil also acts as a coolant for your engine when operating high temperatures. This increases fuel efficiency and puts some money back into your pocket. It is also fully synthetic meaning less impurities and zero sludge build up. In turn, engine dry starts are eliminated completely.


  • Zero sludge accumulation
  • Ideal for high temperature
  • It meets the required API SN specifications
  • Well-designed pouring spout ensures minimal waste
  • Suitable for powerful engines such as towing vehicles
  • High quality and premium oil
  • Superior antioxidants that prevent oil breakdown in extreme conditions


  • Expensive

Buyer’s guide for the Best Motor Oil Filter for Infiniti G35 Engine

Driving environment

When choosing an oil for your car, it is important to consider the driving environment. This refers to whether you live in a hot or cold region or whether you use smooth or unpaved roads. Different conditions strain the engine in different ways. This therefore means that you should pick an oil that is suitable for your environment. For instance, a low viscosity oil or rating 0W-30 is recommended for people in very cold regions

Manufacturer recommendations

Different engines use different types of oil as stated by the manufacturer. This information can be found in the car owner’s manual or by asking a qualified car professional. For Infiniti g35, Nissan recommends SAE 5W-30 oil. Always use the oil recommended by the OEM.

Oil capacity

Oil capacity refers to the amount of oi needed by the engine for every oil change. Usually, this depends on the engine size and the size of the car. Cars like the Infiniti G35 have huge V6 engines that require more oil than say, a small Toyota sedan. The Infiniti G35 has an oil capacity of 5.4 quarts. Therefore, as you buy oil, ensure you buy enough for your engine.

Age of the engine

The demands of an old engine are quite different from a new engine. Old engines are commonly referred to as high mileage engines. An engine is said to be high mileage if it has done over 75000 miles. Full synthetic oil is recommended for such engines because it contains less impurities and hence minimal accumulation of sludge. Additionally, there are high mileage oils designed for these vehicles. High mileage oil is usually indicated on the bottle.

How to Change Engine oil for Infiniti G35

  • Remove oil filter cap. Pop the hood of the car and find the filter cap. Remove it carefully by unscrewing it
  • Use a 10 mm attachment wrench to eliminate the spread that hangs by 14 bolts. Most bolts are located along the external edge with two in the rear, two on each side and two at the focal point of the spread. The rest are located on the front edge. Once the whole spread is taken out, you will have from the oil plug to the oil channel
  • Place the removed channel dish under the attachment and loosen the oil dish jolt. As you do this, be careful so you don’t get oil on the wrench
  • Once the channel plug is free, pour the oil out with your hand. The oil may be very hot and may spout out rapidly so be careful in this step. Use quick movements to pull the plug jolt out and prevent the oil from spouting out
  • Next, let the oil completely drain out. It is best to wait a few minutes to completely drain out the old oil
  • After the oil is drained, remove the oil channel with the wrench. Be careful as the channel may be hot as well. Once off, there may be more oil inside. Let the oil here drain as well. Also ensure that the gasket is off. Sometimes, it may stick on so tightly that you may need an entirely new channel
  • After a few minutes of draining, wipe the channel plug before planting in a new channel.

Installing a new filter

  • With the channel attachment cleaned, it is time to put a new washer in. This can be done by screwing it on with your hands.
  • Now that a new channel is installed, start pouring in new oil in. Do this carefully to minimize spills and wastage
  • For lubrication of seals, pour a little of the new oil around the dark ring seals. Use your finger to spread the oil all around the seal

Putting in the fresh oil

  • Using a pipe, gradually pour in the new oil into the opening. Ensure there is no spillage. Here you will use between 4.5 and 5 quarts of oil. As a general rule of thumb, it is better to under fill than to overfill
  • Once added, replace the oil filter top onto the motor spread
  • With everything in place, start the vehicle and let the engine run for about two minutes as you check for any dribbles. If everything seems to be working fine, bring down the vehicle and let it sit for another 3 minutes.
  • Use a dipstick to check the oil level. It should be between H and L markings. If necessary, add more oil but make sure you don’t overfill

Here is a good straight to the point helpful incase you need more visual help.


How much oil does the Infiniti G35 engine take?

It has an oil capacity of about 5 quarts

Does the Infiniti G35 has a v8 engine?

No. it boasts a V6 engine commonly referred to as VQ

How long should I change oil for my G35?

It is recommended you change oil after every 3000 – 5000 miles.


The Infiniti G35 has one of the most durable engines made by Nissan. It however requires regular and high quality oil to ensure a long lifespan. With the above choices, you cannot go wrong. The Castrol Edge is the best overall while the GTX is best for old G35s.

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