Best 75w 140 Synthetic Gear Oil

The right gear oil can make the difference between a smooth ride and a noisy, jerky one. You may have noticed before that some synthetic gear oils are better than others in terms of quality. However, not all synthetic gear oils are created equally – there is a huge price range. There’s a lot of … Read more

How to Make a Car Last 500,00 Miles

What makes a car truly splendid? Is it the purr of the engine when you start it in the morning? The thrusting power you feel when you change gears flawlessly?  There are countless factors that you may find particularly appealing – a horsepower like no other, a custom colour you selected yourself – and once … Read more

Best Racing Oil with Zinc

Sitting at the finishing line at the Formula One Championship must be an immense feeling. It was one actor Paul Newman knew well. The Bullit star was a noted fan of the race, and would often be seen walking the streets of Montreal in the summer when it was held there.  You don’t have to … Read more

Best Oil for Turbo Cars

Unless you know a lot about cars, you don’t think about motor oil very often. You’re aware it’s something that you need to put in your car to keep it running regularly, but beyond that, it’s a nuisance, usually only serviced when a light comes on by a mechanic.  Of course, you probably know a … Read more

Best Transmission Fluid For Honda

One of the reasons why Honda has dominated the import car market in the United States (and globally, for that matter), is because of the vehicle’s legendary durability, reliability, and longevity. Owning a Honda sedan or SUV that surpasses 250,000 miles is common, which has led to Hondas being one of the top-selling auto brands … Read more

Best Oil For Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is easily one of the most popular vehicles ever manufactured and is currently ranked as the 7th top-selling vehicle of all time, with over 18 million units sold since the car was first manufactured in 1976. If you do the math, that’s around 400,000 Accords sold every single year for the past … Read more

Best Oil For Nissan Titan 2023

When most people think of Nissan, the first thing that comes to mind is the small sedans and economy cars that the brand is so famous for. However, Nissan has also developed an incredible reputation for producing high-quality pickup trucks as well!  Nissan Titan has been manufactured and produced in America since 2003 and shows … Read more